Get Assistive Technology

Low-Interest Financing

Through partnership with the Washington Access Fund three financing programs are available for individuals to independently obtain assistive devices and services, home and vehicle modifications, or business equipment.

  • Assistive Technology Loans are offered for assistive devices, services, and modifications to homes and vehicles.
  • Business Equipment Loans are available for business equipment and related services needed to work from home as an entrepreneur or employee.
  • Individual Development Accounts (IDA), offered through the Washington Access Fund, are dollar for dollar matched savings accounts to help low income households purchase assistive technology and business equipment.

For more information on qualifications, interest rates, and loan applications visit the Washington Access Fund.

Equipment Reuse

Online Assistive Technology Exchange

WATAP is the administrator for the Evergreen Equipment Exchange. The site is free to use and a great alternative to discarding unused assistive devices and durable medical equipment. Search statewide for lower cost, gently used products for sale, trade, and exchange.

Evergreen Equipment Exchange Logo

Long Term CCTV Leasing

The Washington Access Fund offers long-term leasing of closed circuit TV (CCTV) magnifiers to Washington residents of all ages with vision loss of any types.

Durable Medical Equipment Reuse

Bridge Disability Ministries alleviates isolation and allows people to participate and move more freely within their community. By providing quality, reused mobility items at no cost, the Meyer Mobility Center is a valuable resource for gaining better access to basic needs, resources, jobs, education, and other opportunities promoting greater independence.

Hearing Aid Reuse

With support from WATAP, Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center offers a unique hearing aid reuse program to meet the needs of Washington residents who do not receive medical coverage for hearing aids.

Washington State Reuse Network

The Evergreen Reuse Coalition is a statewide coalition enriching lives through the effective reuse of assistive devices across Washington. Through effective reuse of assistive devices the Coalition seeks to make a positive impact in three key areas: to the environment by reducing the amount of useable products that ends up in landfills; to quality of life by making a comprehensive array of assistive devices available to improve mobility, communication, and full participation in all aspects of daily life; and to cost savings for individuals by offering affordable alternatives to quality devices.

National AT Reuse Resources

The Pass It On Center maintains an online database of AT reuse centers. Just select Washington state from the map or from the drop down menu to find a center near you.



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