A Story to Tell: Reading Again

Reluctant to use technology to help him see printed text, “Arthur” showed up to a device demonstration having been told by his family that he was going to lunch. Arthur ran his own business for decades and in recent years has advised his daughter on her new business. However, when it came to reading paperwork professionally or for pleasure, Arthur had to rely on someone else. His daughter and wife were hoping there was something that could help him be independent with his reading. However, they were not sure what was available and how to present options to him. The demonstration of a desktop CCTV, handheld CCTV, lighted magnifier, and magnification on the computer gave the entire family the opportunity to experience the technology together. Arthur’s daughter reports that the demonstration proved invaluable in understanding the options out there and features of specific devices. The hands-on time to ask questions and ability to compare multiple devices has made it possible to have a conversation with her father about using technology.