Training and Technical Assistance

  • WATAP works collaboratively with the University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies, other community resources and AT providers to develop integrated training and educational courses that address AT issues. Examples include web accessibility, selecting assistive technology, training on specific technologies, funding sources and strategies, and legal issues.
  • WATAP provides technical assistance to government agencies, institutes of higher education, industry and other entities. Technical Assistance includes consultation on accessible IT design, web site accessibility of programs and services offered to the public.
  • General training is offered to professionals providing support to people with disabilities for increasing their knowledge, skills and competencies in AT devices and service delivery.

Contact us at 1-800-214-8731 or for information about training and technical assistance.

Evaluations and Consultations

  • Through the UW Center for Technology and Disability Studies, our staff conduct fee for service evaluations at the workplace, educational institutions or at our AT Center to identify the best assistive technology solution for an individual. Two common Examples of evaluations are:
    • Computer Access: Recommendations will outline appropriate equipment needed for individuals with motor, visual, cognitive or learning disabilities.
    • Office Ergonomic Assessments: Recommendations will outline appropriate equipment needed for an individual to decrease or eliminate ergonomic risk factors including workstation layout, seating and positioning or use of adaptive devices.

Contact us at 1-800-214-8731 or for information or to schedule an evaluation.

Information & Assistance

  • Learn about AT options and benefits to meet specific needs.
  • Obtain consultation, technical assistance, and training.
  • Arrange for an awareness event.
  • Connect to local resources for AT devices and services.

WATAP also operates the AT Discussion Forum, an email list where people discuss assistive technology with an emphasis on local services and resources.

Young man using an iDevice