Washington Assistive Technology Act Program

Providing Assistive Technology resources and expertise to all Washingtonians with disabilities to aid in making decisions and obtaining the technology and related services needed for employment, education and independent living.

We offer information to family members, employers, employment service providers, educators, health care providers, social service providers and others seeking assistive technology (what is assistive technology?) services and knowledge. WATAP is part of the University of Washington Center for Technology & Disability Studies and is guided by a consumer-majority advisory council. Learn more about us and the Advisory Council.

At WATAP you can:

We offer several services related to consultation and evaluations (through UWCTDS), training, technical assistance, information and referral.

We also work with a number of excellent partners throughout the state.


Contact us at WATAP's Information and Referral phone number (for in-state inquiries only):
1-800-214-8731  Toll-Free
1-866-866-0162 TTY

What is Assistive Technology(AT)?

Assistive technology (AT) includes both devices and services. A device is any item or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability. Many high-tech and low-tech devices are now available to assist people with disabilities with daily living tasks, education, work, and recreation.

Examples of AT devices include: wheelchairs, Velcro, adapted clothing and toys, computers, seating systems, powered mobility, augmentative communication devices, special switches, assisted listening devices, visual aids, memory prosthetics, and thousands of other commercially available or adapted items. For a complete inventory of AT devices available for demonstration and borrowing, visit our “Try AT” page.

AT services support people with disabilities or their caregivers to help them select, acquire, or use AT devices. Such services also include functional evaluations, training on or demonstration of devices, and purchasing or leasing devices.

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