Updated Notice (October 30, 2020): WATAP is moving offices over the next month! Beginning October 30, our short-term device lending program will be on hold and we will place all requests on a wait list. We hope to begin fulfilling requests after December 4th. Device demonstrations will not be available during this time frame as well. 

Due to COVID-19, we continue to evaluate the extent we are able to provide all of our services while maintaining the health and safety of our staff and of those receiving our services. In-person trainings and public outreach events will continue to be suspended for the foreseeable future. We are offering a variety of assistive technology webinars in the upcoming weeks, so follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.

Please check back for future updates and do not hesitate to contact us via 800-214-8731 or watap@uw.edu.